Sunday, March 20, 2011

Free Writing Exercises! Plus Next Workshop Starts Next Week ...

Greetings and Happy Spring!

For writers and those who love them … need a couple of writing exercises to get your mojo percolating? If you are a victim of 21st Century infomania, these should help you to stop surfing and start focusing on your prose or script instead of on superficial tripe. (No disrespect to vegetarians or gourmet chefs.) When in doubt, try each of these for 15 minutes. But don’t stop there if you’re on a roll.

Exercise #1
“The Lie”
One character tells a fib that leads to another character telling a bigger lie. Then another character tells a lie in reaction to that lie. Write the scene in dialogue in the form of a playscript. Serve it up two ways:

A) “The Lie – comedy”
B) “The Lie – tragedy”

Exercise #2
“Art Changes Life”
What book or film changed the way your character views the world? How? When? Where? Why? Write a cinematic scene that captures what the experience was like for this character. Use that piece of art to inform the tone of your prose.

For more, download my Bang the Keys writing exercise APP. $2.99 on iTunes, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. And coming soon for Android phones!

And now, for you scribey Brooklynites…or other New Yorkers who don’t mind a subway ride:
Next Bang the Keys Writing Workshop starts this Monday, March 28.
Park Slope, Bklyn. 6:15 pm. Mon. Mar. 28, Apr. 4, 11, 18, 25 and May 2.
For info: /
For a taste of the vibe check out my book trailer:

Finally, if you are seeking any editing help with your project, give me a holla! Good luck, mateys.

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