Sunday, December 4, 2011

Writers: Choose Art Over Idiocy!! Get Help Meeting 2012 Deadlines

Hello Friends,

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. A few announcements and updates, and then back to overeating in the spirit of Festivus.

1. NEW EDITING SERVICE: Ph.D. Dissertations and MFA Theses

(in addition to regular fiction, nonfiction, script and poetry editing).

Ph.D. Students:

Are you “All But Disgusted” with writing ABD after your name and credentials? Are you struggling to complete your dissertation and fear you will overlook problems your advisor will pounce upon like a puma on its prey (especially if said advisor detests ubiquitous alliteration)?

MFA Students:

Are you panicking now that you are finished workshopping small sections of your book to your fellow MFA in Creative Writing classmates? You actually have to write, edit and finish your thesis on your own and are feeling the sudden urge to overeat and watch an endless stream of YouTube videos?

I will provide an in depth analysis––with an eye towards publication––and line editing, as well as prevent you from having a garden variety nervous breakdown that sadly won’t lead to a bestselling memoir.



And for the rest of you non-Schoolies:

I will be offering a HOLIDAY DISCOUNT on my regular editing services. Whether you are working on a short story, novel, nonfiction book, essay, book proposal, screenplay, memoir, play, poetry collection, or experimental legal thriller based on the secret memoirs of a Pomeranian princess…

I offer two options:

Option One) Analysis

Option Two) Analysis plus Line Editing.



2 hours per week. Wed. nights at 6:15 in Brooklyn / Jan 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, 8 & 15.

$275 Please Individual writing coach sessions also available by phone or in person. Watch the Bang the Keys video and check out the vibe before you imbibe:

4. NEED WRITING EXERCISES NOW? Download the BANG THE KEYS APP as featured in The Writer Magazine:

The Bang the Keys APP will be available for Androids soon!

And look for free writing exercises in early 2012 in The Writer Magazine.

To order my book, “Bang the Keys” (Penguin):


Wearing my other hat (the one with the funky symbols on it) … I will also be offering very limited astrological chart / and tarot readings at a 10% discount for the holidays. For more:

Contact me at

For more on everything:

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